My Messy Analytics Breakup

In a fit of righteous indignation, I tried to cut ties with Google Analytics. It turns out that digital breakups are just as messy as romantic ones.

The Sacred Illusion

As quarantine digitizes all of our normal activities, there’s something missing at the heart of our online connections.

The Psychological Price of Limitless Information

To know everything, we have to allow everything about us to be known. Is it worth the price?

Formation in the Information Age

Modern technology gives us the ability to form our world like never before. But in our power, we forget our need to be formed too.

Revelations From the Day I Plowed a Field by Hand

Before Jesus was a teacher, he was a carpenter. What can we learn about work from the first 30 years of Jesus’ life?

From Garden to City

The Biblical narrative of progress gives us a glimpse of a redeemed vision for technology today.

Introducing Digital Inklings

A reader’s manual for this blog.